Tuesday, February 1, 2011

56 days and counting...


1. You must be able to 'read' people fairly well to see if it is working the way you want it to work.

2. If you ask someone a question like "What can we do about this?" and they say "What do you suggest?" - beware. It may be a trap.

3. If you get in trouble for bribing an official, be sure to blame it on this blog. I am a publicity whore.


The hosts themselves make such a huge impact on the show and thoughts of the destination that I had to talk about them a bit.

Ian Wright - This guy is pretty funny and loves clowning around with the locals. He is always looking to make them laugh and have a good time with them.

Megan McCormick - Fun girl, loves to experience new things, good host.

Justine Shapiro - I dislike this host to the point where I won't watch shows she's done. Although she is knowledgeable in the areas, she feels very judgmental and bitchy. Bleh.

Now, I'm not sure extactly which shows it's been done with but I've noticed that some shows (for example season 1, episode 4 and season 3 episode 8) are exactly the same. Like nobody would notice! Not sure why that is. [Disclaimer, made up the shows and seasons in example. I have been deleting the shows off of my computer after watching them or if I come across a duplicate.] Maybe they felt that if they spread them out over a couple years, nobody would notice if they doubled up.

The show is pretty good. The travelers tend to cover a pretty good amount of territory in the forty five minute show so you get only the smallest taste of the country. I am not sure if it is really enough to make people say 'hell I want to go there' or not. It could be something I'm doing just to twiddle my fingers until it's time to get out and about.

A good quote from season 6, episode 3: Ian was getting ready to go up in a fighter aircraft. The guy who was going to fly him was explaining the chute. Ian asked why he would have to use the chute.
Pilot: "In case the aircraft breaks."
Ian: "How will I know if it breaks?"
Pilot: "You'll see me leavin'."


Apparently, vegans (and vegetarians whom vegans look at as pussies) are not able to drink wines due to them being made with animal products. I had no idea about this but Austin filled me in that often animals are used to help make wines. While I personally enjoy having animals tortured for no apparent purpose while my wine is being made and drunk, this does tend to offend vegans and even many vegetarians. I'm sure we all have our own oppinion on vegans/vegetarians and it will be considerate. But, it's an interesting fact none the less. Also, if you recently saw a picture of a cat, get your mind out of the gutter.


Travis recently gave me a good idea (to be fair, he has lots of good ideas) - try to live out of my pack for a week. That will tell me what I need to pack and what I might be able to lose. I'm going to have to wait till after the weekly game and a visitor. I'm going to need to lay all of the stuff on the table so that I can get into it and out of it easily.


I think I met TJ (or Tim as he now likes to be called) at age 16. He was a little freaky. Yeah, I was in my 30's but gaming transcends age. TJ (as I still insist on calling him) has gone from that to a respectable (in the loosest possible form) parent. [Note, if you look closely in the eyes of his child in the preceding picture, you can see they are lit with the fires of Hell. Good stuff.] I'm not saying that the past can predict the future, but parenting is hard.

Anyway, enough introduction of this guy and onto his schedule while he's in Blacksburg:

10AM This is the supposed arrival time. I'm not sure if there is anyone who believes TJ (as I insist on calling him despite his pleas to the contrary) will actually wake up at 6AM to start the drive down here. But he is holding to this wild claim.

12PM More realistic arrival time. When he actually arrives, we will spend some time loading things into his car. These things may hereafter be referred to as 'loot'.

12:15PM till 3PM Tour around Blacksburg with TJ signing autographs. We may be stopping by Bollo's for a photo shoot. [No, I don't know who the people in the picture are. Sorry.]

3:01PM till 3:59PM General psyching up for gaming. This involves both of us sitting across the table from each other and him saying "Is it time yet?" and me responding "Not yet." many many times. Only in this way can one truly be prepared for the game.

4PM till 12AM Midnight. Gaming. It will be recorded and you can listen to it.

12:01AM TJ (who I keep calling that despite several court orders to not) will insist on driving home despite being dead tired. I will attempt to dissuade him from this suicidal attempt.

Who will win the discussion? Reason or self destruction?

Stay tuned!


It has come to my attention that people like the "56 days to go" titles. Unfortunately, the reason why they seem to be popular is that it will (hopefully) spell the end of Logan whining about being trapped in the USA. Like I can't figure out something new to whine about?

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