Saturday, February 26, 2011

Logan's Run


Bert said that he believes a lot of the hits I have gotten on my blog come people looking for the movie "Logan's Run". I wanted to do a test on that and see if posting something that specifically had things on the movie Logan's Run would actually get more hits than one that didn't. Here's another picture just in case you wanted one. If you've never seen the movie, it is an oldie but a goodie. It was made back in 1976 which usually tightens the sphincter of any of the younger readers but it's not bad. I'd give it 7/10 on my scale.


I have been asked the question a couple times "Why are you writing (this) blog?"

Simply put, there are two answers - a) for others and b) for myself. Breaking that down -

I am writing this blog for others because I am going to be doing something unusual (ie NOT sitting at home and watching TV) and it's a lot easier than sending out a whole bunch of e-mails updating people on where I am and what I'm doing. People seem to be curious about other places. Some might be planning a trip, others living vicariously through me (as they can't or won't do an actual adventure trip) and some others just like to 'see what the crazy fat bastard posted this time'. I think (hope) it has a high humor and entertainment value. Plus, it should also be a good indicator of when/if I perish unexpectedly. I don't think anyone would be able to do anything about it if it happened but maybe they'll raise a glass in my honor if they notice I've gone for several months without posting.

I am writing this blog for myself because, I believe, first and foremost it will provide a record of where I've been and what I've done. Anyone who knows me well knows that my memory isn't all that great. I'd like to have a record and pictures to look back on to see where I've been, what I've done, who I've met and all that. I think it also takes care of some of the creative urges - who hasn't wanted to write a book at some point in their lives? The bad thing about writing a book is that it's usually (unless you're Steven King or some such) a labor of love that takes several months or years and won't sell enough copies to make you any money. Print is dying anyhow. So, this is my 'creative work'. Would I be writing it if a film crew was following me around on my trip? Don't know - we'll have to try it out.


A Cook's Tour aka Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. It seems to have switched from the first title to the second starting with season 3. Probably because the first title wasn't all that snazzy. With the show itself, it's OK. I don't really recommend it all that highly. I've only been watching the ones of places I'm intending to travel. He has a different take on traveling - he is going for the food. I can respect that. As an example, when he went to Egypt, he did not go to the Pyramids. No big deal there but it does show he isn't really a 'typical' tourist. It's an OK show but there are better.


A bus driver told me about this recently. The Blu brand is $70 but I heard they have one at 7-11 (convince store) for $10. I might just check it out. The ones by Blu have the end light up and you get to breath out ionized air that looks like smoke. The charging unit is apparently shaped like a packet of smokes. Brilliant - it's a nice idea. I really don't know if I want to spend $70 - or even worse, carry more electronic shit. Something to think about. It would probably be a big improvement for health.


Anyone who knows me (or has been in my presence) knows that I consider 'swear words' as 'just other words'. I firmly hold to the belief "There are no bad words, only bad intentions." In other words, if you say "Well, mutherfucker" when something goes wrong, I don't see that as bad. If you call someone a "Mutherfucker" then that is bad - or at least showing you probably don't like them. For our foreign readers, it totally depends on voice inflection here. If someone says "mutherfucker!" in surprise when they see you - they probably aren't calling you a name, they are just using that to express surprise and possibly joy at seeing you. Yes, the English language is just that fucked up.

Anyway, I was hanging out in Bollo's coffee shop as I have for the last few months talking to a buddy. Some guy I've never seen before (with a slight British accent) comes over and asks me to watch my language, he was there with his nine year old son. Everyone looked to him in surprise (like 'where did this come from?').

I completely failed my 'quick witted' skill at this point - way too many answers jostled for position. Apparently, the look on my face gave away the game as he backed away repeating "Be cool, just be cool" like a mantra. Soon after, he and his son left. Hopefully for good.

Here are some of the answers that jostled for position in my mind:

"Have you heard of 'freedom of speech'?"
"Who the fuck are you?"
"I feel really sorry for your son. If you are such a domineering asshole to complete strangers, his life must be a living hell."
"He's nine. I'm not saying anything he hasn't heard before."
"You ever see Deadwood on HBO? I swear so little I couldn't get on that show."
"Fuck off you sanctimonious asshole."
"Are you anyone important or can I tell you to fuck off now with impunity?"

And so on.

I know that America was founded by prudes but holy cow. Sanctimonious is such a good word, here is the definition for those not familiar with it.

I have no problem with people who don't want to use swear words but if you don't want to expose your kids to it you'd better be home schooling them. And keeping them inside the house. And not letting them have access to any media such as TV's or the internet. Don't run around telling others how to speak - that's just not right.


Dune: "The tooth! Remember the tooth!" What a wacky bit from the movie. Anyway, I've got to say I am not looking forward to this Thursday - the big dentist day. It's the last (hopefully) medical thing I've got to get done while I'm here in the states. The last three times I've been there, I've gotten 'jerked around'. By that I mean they looked in my mouth, maybe taken an Xray and said "We can't do anything about that." or "I'm not a good enough dentist to pull a tooth." If I get any of that shit this time, I'm going to walk out and have it pulled in some other country. Sick of going in there to wildly inept dentists. Pretty much, if you need anything more complicated than a cleaning, stay away from the 'free' American dental system. It's rubbish.


On Friday, we have the wacky TJ coming out to visit again. In addition to getting in on the game Friday, I believe he'll be interviewing me on the various Call of Cthulhu modules to get some story and my opinions on them. Yes, we'll put up that as a podcast in the Silhouette podcast as well. I'm not sure what day TJ is staying till, but it will be a good time.

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