Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Johnny Depp!


For all of my friends stuck looking for work, here are some interview questions.


If I had more money, I'd leave to go somewhere (anywhere) right now. Honestly. The only thing really holding me back is the dental appointment on the 3rd of March. Side note - Bert has kindly offered to take me there - very nice of him. But money would cure the dental problem as well. Hence, I am stuck in a very dusty house till then. Yes, I cleaned it. It seems, however, that the house has rebelled since many of the things have been taken out. Or, TJ has put some sort of 'voodoo spell' on me. Either has stirred up enough dust that it is keeping me sick until I flee on March 31st.


I've heard a lot of people talk about the town in the USA that 'requires handgun ownership' and began to wonder if it was an urban myth. It turns out that it isn't.

Welcome to Kennesaw, Georgia! Unless you are physically disabled and unable to use a firearm, all home owners are required to own one. This law was passed in 1982 and since then, their crime has dropped to half or less once again proving that people who seek to ban guns in the US are probably full of shit - according to some sources. Other sources say that the crime rate hasn't fallen. It appears to me that the town is claiming one thing, other people on Wiki are claiming another. Reminds me of Florida ballads for some reason. I'm thinking this town would irritate all of the non-gun people out there but it seems to be widely supported. If someone's statistics don't fit in with your opinion, simply call them into question.

In this article, they talk about the Virginia Tech killings saying "Since the Virginia Tech shootings, some conservative U.S. talk show hosts have rejected attempts to link the massacre to the availability of guns, arguing that had students been allowed to carry weapons on campus someone might have been able to shoot the killer."

One statistic that it is hard to argue is there haven't apparently been any murders in Kennesaw for the last 25 years. I looked up the national average of murders for 100,000 people (scroll down) and it seems to be about 5 per 100,000 people per year. The town is (was) roughly 20,000 people so a fifth - though it's growing because it's 'safe'. Anyway, they haven't had a murder there in about 25 years so that's about 25 people saved by everyone having a gun.


It looks like a nice town but you would have to endure their 'greased pig' races. Variants have been discussed as well.


Despite this, other people are still trying to 'get them guns off the street'. Richard (from the HC boards) found this interesting article.


More fun from American schools. [Note that if the billboard offends you, you can get more offended by going here.]


I did a review for IMDB and they got published it.


As advertised, Johnny Depp has nothing to do with this blog. It is an evil experiment I am conducting. If you have forgotten what he looks like, here is a picture. I am doing this experiment because the last time I had someone famous in the title, the post got a lot of hits. I'm curious as to if that always holds true. If it does, I can sucker in more people to the insanity through doing it.


Richard and I were chatting about butlers. If you'd like to know more about them, here is a butler school. The career pays not all that well considering how much it costs to go to school.


Everyone knows pork is the 'other white meat' and human is the 'other other white meat' but now we have an 'other other other white meat'. Unicorn! The fucking sad thing is that they had to explain to people that unicorn doesn't actually exist. Rather than just issuing an apology, I think it should have been further marketed under the 'are you stupid' banner.


  1. You have invalidated your "Celebrity name" experiment by mentioning my name in the same post, you are guaranteed to get more hits than usual because you did so.




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