Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moo Cow


If you notice that I am writing about something that has been previously written, it is not because I am a senile old person who likes to babble about shit they have already babbled about. Not at all. It is to reiterate it to show you what's currently going through my head as well as to help catch up all of the new readers - of which I'm sure there must be at least one - on previous issues. Not the babbling thing at all. If I had a secretary, proof reader, publicist, editor and such, you might get a better product. Since I don't, you get this crap instead.


"Long Way Round". Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman on motorcycles go around the world. OK - these guys are pretty crazy. Lot of respect for their stamina and such. Pretty crazy motorcycling stuff. Physical injuries, motorcycle breakdowns, impassable terrain. I'm personally not a huge fan of motorcycles but it was pretty interesting. It does make me very grateful that I don't have to worry about roads in Mongolia or Russia. At times, they were making 2 miles an hour if they are lucky. It really brought home to me just how bad the roads are in other parts of the world. On IMDB, this gets a 9.1 rating. I'd put it at about 7 out of 10.

One thing they did mention that was interesting is that the camera gear they brought was it was valued at $100,000. So, figure for $100,000 we can get the gear to film a documentary. Makes me wonder how much it costs for these different documentaries they do. They don't have listed how much it cost to make this documentary. Kind of sad - I wish they did.

Last note - there is a rumor that they may be doing 'Long Way Up' at some point. Speculation is that it is from South America up. Not sure on that but we'll see what happens. Rumor on the internet said that it was suppose to happen in 2011 but Ewan McGregor has done 4 movies in that year. Not sure if it's happening.


This is something I'd like to see in the Czech Republic. Apparently, the people wanted to all be burred on holy ground. The bones stacked up and stacked up until someone had this idea - why not use the human bones as interior decorations? And it's not all that far away from Prague. Sedlec Ossuary is one place I'd like very much to see.


Back when I was still working on getting disability, I had gone to my landlord (who goes by the name of "Candle") and told him that I might need to be late on a couple payments. After some consideration, he said that was OK. This didn't end up happening but in order to show some gratitude, I began to pay rent several months in advance. No good deed goes unpunished. I had made the mistake of pre-paying my rent through till April. Later, I discovered that I'd be out - and not returning - at the end of March. A couple months ago, I asked if I could get the month of rent I had prepaid back. He said, no, it would make him come up short.

I'm thinking that if it went to small claims court, he'd not only have to refund the $400 but pay legal fees and such as well.

I'm not sure what I should do about this.

Consultation with Bert to seek his advice might be a good thing.

Going to court and such with so little time left seems like it might not happen. Perhaps that's what he's counting on.

But I ask you - why would you want to severely agitate someone who lives in your house, has keys to your house and an evil imagination? It seems like the amount of destruction that could be wrought by someone who is planning on leaving the country and maybe never coming back would be far in excess of $400.

I'd sublet it if I could... To rowdy bikers...

We'll see what Bert has to say when I eventually get to see him. [Note, the Bert cloning project has not yet reached it's one trillion dollar mark so we can start the project. Please - give generously.]


Bert recently drew my attention to an interesting news story in which the customer was (shock) getting screwed by his home insurance people. He has gotten it around to 'all of their stuff is going to get sold off from their office to pay him off'. Well, at least $50 he should get and maybe an answer to his 'why are you trying to double my insurance rates' question that was never answered. I say good for him. Crappy companies that seek only to make a profit off of the consumers backs should be killed and eaten.


  1. So you've seen Long Way Round and Long Way Down?

  2. Ah- didn't know about Long Way Down - thanks!

  3. Sedlc ossuary is a cool place, we can definitely visit it, I was there a few years back.

    Also, I did film an amateur documentary with two of my friends before, so I was thinking that it could be interesting if I borrowed a camera from one of them and film parts of our journey and than did a mini documentary out of it. The only thing I dont like about that idea is that I would have to pay attencion all the time and carry the camera with me, not lose it etc.

  4. I can't believe you knew CR had such a cool place and didn't tell us about it!!

    Well, hum. Not sure - I see what you're talking about on the documentary vs not. Tricky. Both ways have up and downsides you are right.



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