Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did Ben Franklin say "bitch"?


In an effort to be more friendly and less fascist, it turns out the TSA does a blog! Within it, they post that it is an 'urban legend' that things like nail clippers are not allowed. One person who claimed to work for the TSA said "Nail clippers were still being taken as far out as 2003. So even if we (I work for TSA) did change the policy, a lot of screeners didn't get the message til later." Another said that if nail clippers were taken out at one time and now allowed, that doesn't really make it an 'urban legend'. The TSA regulations are pretty wild and all over the place. It seems to come down to 'if they don't like it, you don't get it'. Should you argue, their stock response is "Do you want to fly today?" They worry that someone could get a syringe and drain the coke out of a coke bottle and refill it with some sort of 'bad chemical' (hence you can't bring fluids, even 'factory sealed') but they aren't worried about a long wooden sewing needle with a blunt tip that anyone could easily use as a shiv. It seems to me that the regulations are all over the place. Sadly, since people are always willing to give up freedom for safety, I think we'll have these strange, silly and inconsistent regulations for years to come. [Ben Franklin: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I'm sure if he were alive today, he'd say "You guys were the ones screaming for the government to give you more airplane security after 9/11. Now you got it, bitches." That could be a paraphrase...]

Heck, they even have people trained in watching people now. And the digital see through the clothing and get a pat down from a poorly trained part time worker doth continue...

I'll be sure to post up my experiences going through international TSA inspection, the duty free shop and all of that fun stuff when the time gets here.


As many of you know - or have guessed from reading my blog - it is my belief there are "no bad words, only bad intentions". George Carlin, who was a lot smarter than I am apparently came up with that phrase.

My question - did this phrase become this phrase?

I had a lot more to this article but I parred it down for two reasons. First, people get really unnecessarily worked up about the issue of words and second, I see no upside for me in getting into this argument/discussion.


As promised in an earlier blog, I did do an interview with TJ. You can listen to it (for free, you lucky people) either on the normal Silhouette game podcast or you can get it from here.

In it, TJ discusses the last twenty years of history (his), gaming, his thoughts about marriage (and why so many of them fail) and life in general. It is a thought provoking interview - some people will think it is good, others that it suck but either way, thinking will go on.

Fortunately, absolutely no talk of past illegal deeds goes on in this goody two shoes interview.

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  1. I had woken up and was asked if I wanted a poke at her..... blinked... gave her a once over brightened up and asked what he was playing on ye old pooter... joined him at the table to see what he was playing... went to bed when he did and ignored her.... she was gone in the morning I believe.....

    I still remember from the itasca house one morning after I was waked and baked by "the trent" (no names to protect the guitly) and the 2 giggling fucks at the table cautioned severly by logan.... DO NOT TOUCH THE POOTER WHILE I'M AT WORK.... *door closes we invade* We decide to replace all the sounds on the pooter from default noises to star wars and simpsons mpegs.... favorite was the Homer DOH !!! for the error tone....

    FYI... Logan gets you irritated threaten him with Poptarts and he'll calm down....



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