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Well, I'm not sure how much my pack weighs in at but I can say without fear of contradiction that it is more than I am loving. Yes, I did walk around with it for an hour or so but I felt it - big time. Sure, if I drop 30-50 lbs (13-22KG for you on a more sensible system) then my pack would be much less of a big deal. Hopefully, if I am walking around instead of bored-sitting-eating at my house that will happen. It's the plan anyway. I've still got some space in my pack which is good because there were a couple things I wasn't carrying today - phone charger, more medicine, etc.

In an ideal world, I'd just be taking a couple days worth of clothing. That isn't really realistic - and the shit builds quick. Oh - you need toiletries. And my medicine to keep me from dying. And my blood pressure machine to tell me if I am starting to die. And my electronics to keep in touch with everyone else. And chargers/cords/converters for all of that shit. And locks to use for lockers I will hopefully get to put my shit into so that I don't have to start over.

It tends to add up pretty quick.

I guess when you get down to it, the most basic of stuff I could take would be my clothing and medicine. Obviously, I'm going to try to take more than that. I'm hoping that I will be able to leave my packs in my room chained to something (need to buy as light of metal chain as I can still) so that they at least have to cut into it to get the chewy chewy center. Mmmm. Chewy...

One unnecessary thing I am going to be packing is an electric razor. I figure it will have two uses - the 'canary in the mine' and 'keep me from looking like a terrorist'. The 'canary' bit is I can plug it in to the outlet and see if it explodes. If not, there is a chance I can plug my computer in there and hopefully it won't explode. Note, that it will still probably explode. I don't know why. The 'terrorist' thing is when I grow a beard, well, I look a little freaky.

I am also contemplating bringing a second bag. Before you say "Ah ha! We knew you couldn't live out of just one bag!", it is for smuggling purposes only. By that I mean "Stuff the TSA doesn't want me to bring on the aircraft. Like liquids over 1oz. I'm thinking about packing some clothing in there also so that if they do lose the bag, I can get more money out of the airport. But, aside from the liquids (and maybe a small knife - not sure on that as it may present a legal issue at borders) I could throw out the bag and all of the contents after I get the liquids and such out of it. If the airport doesn't lose it first. Not sure on that one.

I'm sure when Bert eventually gets time he will look at the stuff I have packed and say "Really? What's wrong with you? Why do you want to take this?" I can't say I'm blaming him for that either.

This is an artists rendition of what it would look like if there were two Berts on a 'V' shaped stair. Why a 'V' shaped stair? Shut up! That's why!

Speaking of Bert, he's been as busy a one legged man in an arse kicking competition. (I hope he is winning.) Please contribute to the 'Clone Bert Fund'. Give generously and we can try to make more than one Bert. He then might get done with all of the stuff he's trying to get done on time. Give generously to this fund! We're going to have to develop cloning technology for humans first. Well, at least cloning technology that people will admit to. [You KNOW they have done it already but won't admit to it.]

Bert's thoughts on getting himself cloned - he'd want at least two clones so one of them could not do actual work but some other project Bert is wanting to do. Part of it involves defeating his arch nemesis! Or his other arch nemesis! He has so many.


Rewatching another old film, 'The Amateur'. No, it is not a porn. Took me a good hour of pondering to remember the title and such. Given my memory, I'm amazed I got it at all. This is one of the movies that it is a pity they didn't have electronic format back then. A lot of nifty movies have gotten lost over time due to VHS or nothing. They also had some nice shots of Munich (Germany, you heathens) in this one.

There is a lot of very dated stuff in this - like amazingly light security (2 marines) at an embassy. And 1980's computers. And glasses. I think the electronics always help date a movie. If someone was to make a movie and use fake nifty electronics, I don't know if it would help keep the movie from being dated. It seems we can never imagine far enough ahead, even with Moore's Law. [Notice that on Moore's Law they are even thinking 'oh, after 2015-ish. Will it? Only 4 more years to find out if they are full of shit - my guess is that's why they put an '-ish' on the end.]

Another dated thing is Czechoslovakia. Gods, I remember when that was a country. Makers of Semtex! Part of the movie is (suppose to be) set in Prague. Interesting bit of history...

A couple of good lines (not found on IMDB):

The main character (Heller) is asking a lady (Elisabeth) why she works for the CIA while living behind the iron curtain.
Elisabeth: "It fills my days."
Heller: "With what?"
Elisabeth: "With fear. It fills my days with fear."

When Heller gets the drop on an guy with a gun, he has it up to the guys skull:
Heller: "Drop the gun and put up your hands.
The enemy agent looks fairly confident until,
Heller: "I'm fairly new at this."
The enemy agent looks much more nervous and drops his gun.


It started snowing here. I am holding myself and rocking back and forth saying "Only forty nine days left."


Remember this! If you don't know about Cthulhu, you need to learn more here.

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